La Lechuza EP

by Canvas

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Canvas is Jason Grant, Justin O'Neill, James Ward & Ryan White.
Drums recorded by Joe Longobardi

'Lucky' & 'Good Secret' recorded at The Getaway Group with J. Maas.
'Atlantic City' recorded with Kurt Zikaras

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released December 17, 2010



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Canvas New Haven, Connecticut

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Track Name: I'll Never Be This Lucky Again
I'll Never Be This Lucky
I walk too fast, I never lift my feet up. Brain freeze at last, my fear hiccups. Stay sharp this streets alive. A roller slung over my shoulder. This paint keeps me alive. Over and over and over. Again and again I believed you. You saw a fee in protecting yourself. I would have fought to defend you now all I can muster is hello. I got the vibe, I'm gonna go real slow. Desensitized but still no flow. Ill work a masquerade, Ill work a masquerade. Im gonna fake it until I make it cause I'm dead up. If you had stayed I'd have to combat jade because you know the tooth infects the hand it bites. Please trust in this please trust in this. I know if i cant I'll never be this lucky again. Because I've already been here. So what so what take a break from it all. Bones jut, skin cuts, we've opened up from the fall
Track Name: Good Secret
Good Secret
It feels good today I think ill step outside and take a chance whats a motive do. It lays waste to blocks and adds drips to shock think about what I'm saying to you. If that ghost can fly then so the hell can I the subway gets hot in the summer. These clues are fresh and put to the test bullet proof vested for comfort. I'm taking out the trash a day early. I want the stink out of my house so show me all the tricks of your trade. There's something that i needed to tell you, that I thought you should know but not right now. There's something that I feel like I needed something you neglected to bring I just found out. I dont wanna be the lie you twisted. I've jumped too many fences not to make this count. Like a shadow on the side of the highway you wont see me. You appear to be the earth presifted. Quick appraisal boost the value your times worth more. We can manage every bullshit disaster times real axe man. I dont wanna be the lie you twisted. I dont wanna be a lie.
Track Name: Two Color Fade (bonus track)
Two Color Fade.
Tick tock to gun hill, don't speak, I wont. We've got the list of the DOs and DON'Ts. It feels like I'm doing the wrong thing. But the action is driving me. It feels like I'm fading the wrong way. Roll deep incase you should embrace the foe. Stay sharp don't zone I'm an oak to grow. I saw the features that killed me reveal that weakness had filled me. It feels like I'm fading the wrong way . And I don't want to have to blame somebody but you gotta blame some damned body, I dont want to be your patsy riding shotty. I used to humor you and look how far it go me.